Sonia Santos

Ms. Sonia Santos, afro-brazilian jazz vocalist, has been an electrifying symbol of Brazilian Popular Music for many years.
The cultural influences of African rhythms intertwined with
an exotic Brazilian beat, was essential in creating the vibrant sounds of Sonia Santos.
Ms. Santos began her musical career in 1977, when she stared in the "Brazilian Follies" at the Hotel National in Rio de Janeiro. Using her artistic and coordinating
abilities, Ms. Santos went on to produce her own show
"Brazilian Summer" sponsored by VARIG Brazilian Airlines.
The quality and style of her interpretative performances on stage have been enthusiastically received on six continents.
Ms. Sonia Santos has also garnered rave reviews for her creative brilliance in theatre and film.
Ms.Sonia Santos has tour extensively throughout the world and has made Los Angeles her home for the past 14 years.